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A micromotor is a small, rotary power tool that is ideal for polishing, drilling & grinding.

 A base unit/control box with a variable speed dial and both forward and backward options. Flip a switch that allows you to use the dial itself to control on/off and vary your speed as you work. Designed for  voltage capability 220 volts.
The base takes up little precious bench space and, weighing only 4 lbs., it is easy to maneuver around the shop and easy to take on the road.

A slim, quiet-running handpiece and precise control. The motor runs at speeds up to 35,000rpm. The collet accommodates all 3/32"-shank tools and changing tools is fast and easy. Its coiled, lightweight cord (just 9.5 ozs.) is flexible, maneuverable, and easy to manage.

Available only in white.

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